Global Health

Many of our residents choose to participate in international experiences during residency, traveling to developing areas in Africa, South America, and the Caribbean! Many of these opportunities are sponsored by Albany Medical Center and our very own Med-Peds faculty are leaders for several of these experiences.

The Engeye Clinic in Ddegeya, Uganda

Affiliated with Albany Medical Center’s Family Medicine residency program, the Engeye clinic is an unique opportunity for our Med-Peds residents. We have a great working experience with The clinic excels at delivering high-value care in a resource-limited setting, and our residents are challenged with the same mission. Residents diagnose and manage everything from acute infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid, to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, now becoming prevalent in the developing world. Residents collaborate with Engeye’s clinical officers on community outreach and prevention activities in the area, including immunizations, home visits, and newborn exams. As opposed to many other medical mission trips, Engeye is built for sustainability, so the mission continues even after our physicians leave.

See their story and mission here:

2016 Trip to Uganda

(From left to right) Dr. Kathy Chang-Freeman (now president of the board at Engeye), Dr. Preetha Kurian (class of 2016), Dr. Miyuki Tanino (2017), Dr. Andrea Matho (2017), Dr. Deb Light (2013, sports med class of 2014, now faculty), Dr. Paul Sorum (faculty), Dr. Danielle Wales (2014, now faculty), and Dr. Mary Mulqueen (2017).

2019 Trip to Haiti

Dr. Jessica Jaddaoui (class of 2019) was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with Project Medishare at Hospital Bernard Mevs in April of 2019.

2020 Trip to Uganda

Dr. Bichtram Huynh (2021), Dr. Jennifer Gregory (2020), Dr. Mae Huo (2020), Dr. Natalie Chlus (2021) listening to early morning lectures on their February 2020 trip to Uganda and then going on a safari.

Our New Friends

Post clinic, the kids would alway join us on our stroll through the village. Dr. Bichtram Huynh (2021) and Dr. Joseph Wayne (faculty) pictured with our new friends.

The Clinic Cat

Early morning continuing medical education sessions over breakfast with Dr. Paul Sorum. We discussed relevant topics such as sensitivity, specificity of lab tests, syphilis, and interpreting urinalysis with the providers, translators (local medical students), and the clinic cat.