Sample schedule


Our Med-Peds residents rotate through 13 four-week blocks every year. Depending on the year, our residents rotate between the Internal Medicine and Pediatric departments every 2-3 blocks in what we call “The Q2-Q3 Block Switch.”

This schedule allows for greater assimilation into the categorical residencies, better information retention, seamless transitions from adults to children and exposure to the seasonal variability of clinical diseases in both populations.

The first year includes broad exposure to both pediatric and medicine wards, intensive care units and our Med-Peds continuity clinic. As our residents progress through the rest of their residency, they will take on more elective and subspecialty rotations, as well as more specialized experiences including rotations focused on advocacy, research, and optional international and away experiences.

Our residents are afforded a total of four weeks vacation over a academic year, allowing up to two weeks on IM and pediatrics, respectively. Vacations are scheduled during elective and clinic blocks.

Here is a typical breakdown of rotations across each year:

PCMH: Patient Centered Medical Home (“clinic block”);
STAR: Scholarly Track for Advocacy and Research

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